Additional Electrical Circuits

Do your lights flicker when you turn on an appliance? Does microwaving lunch make the breaker trip half the time? When your air conditioner clicks on, does your blow dryer conk out? If so, it is probably time to add a new circuit.

Adding a New Circuit

It may seem like a doable DIY project, and there are a lot of “how-to’s” on Youtube, but they all seem to begin with a great big “CAUTION” message. That is for a good reason. You are not Tim Allen! It is dangerous to mess with electricity! If you get shocked, you will not bounce back up to a laugh track. Ask any Henderson or Las Vegas electrician, and they will all tell you. Dealing with circuits and electricity is no space for Do- it -Yourself! 

Commercial Electrician

Your breaker box is full of live wires. If you do not know what you are doing, these can kill you! Whenever there are electricity issues– call in an electrician.

What you need to know about adding a circuit

Your electrician will know what type of circuit wire to use in your home. Our professional electricians know what they need to add, whether it is: 

  • Light duty – for lighting and light-duty circuits that use 14-gauge wire. 
  • Heavy duty – for major appliances that require a higher current 12-gauge wire.

After opening the main circuit breaker panel box, our electrician can connect the needed wires to add a circuit, and each circuit wire is color-coded. We will know the safety precautions to take. We will also know the exact model and style number of the breaker that can be used. You can’t install a circuit breaker if it isn’t approved for use in your box, even if it fits. Our electrician will know the proper way to ensure that the work does not violate any electrical code.

Even after turning off the power to your home, did you know that the main “lugs” are always live? These remain “hot” and can kill you if you touch them! Our licensed and highly trained professional electrician will know how to work around this hazard and proceed safely. We will take the steps necessary to use a circuit tester to ensure all of the wires being worked on are safe. 

By calling an electrician to install additional circuits, you are also assured that the home can handle the load you want to add. It is possible that you may need to add an additional box to accommodate your needs. Our electrician can help you determine if that is necessary by calculating your total house load to ensure that you stay within your service rating.

Did you know that there are no specific rules about the number of circuits each room can have? Do you need more receptacles or GFCIs? We will help you determine this as well. does your need require hot, neutral, and grounding wires? We will also help you choose the type of circuit you need for the application you have in mind:

  • 120 volt
  • 120/240 volt
  • 240 volt

For general purpose needs a 120-volt circuit will do. Major appliances such as dryers may need 120/240 volt, and your water heater likely will require a 240 volt.

There is no guesswork when you hire Sin City Electrical.

We take your electrical, safety, and requirements seriously and will add your additional circuits for you to make your home operate just the way you want it to. Call us today.  

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