All You Need to Know About Recessed Lighting

One of the most popular features of home renovations is recessed lighting. This modern form of lighting is unassuming yet allows for a fantastic ambiance. Learn everything you need to know about recessed lighting installation in Las Vegas and find out where you can go for service you can trust.

What Is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting is also referred to as “can lighting” or “downlighting.” It’s a form of light that sits flush with a surface, such as a ceiling, countertop, or wall. The fixtures themselves are less visible yet provide plenty of illumination. This form of lighting is among the most common feature added to new architectural design or renovation.

Types of Recessed Lighting

There are many types of recessed lighting you may choose to add to your home. A few types of recessed lighting include:

Accent lights: These are often used to illuminate specific features in the home. Perhaps you have a display case, and you want to light up the knick-knacks or collectibles within. Accent lights are ideal for this purpose.

Accent lighting for cup display

Task lights: These lights are usually seen in kitchens and bathrooms. They can be placed in islands and countertops to provide a sort of spotlight over an area. They are often seen above stoves or other cooking areas. They give you extra light just where you need it. Task lights can also illuminate stairwells and won’t disturb a whole house at night.

Task lighting for kitchen

Whole-room lighting: Whole-room recessed lighting usually includes lights at a 6-inch diameter. This lighting bisects a room and provides even lighting throughout. 

Whole room lighting

Costs Associated With Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting does carry some upfront costs because you will need to replace any existing fixtures. The exact cost will depend on your specific home and needs, but homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $500 per fixture on average. Call professionals at Sin City Electrical to explore installation costs associated with your specific recessed lighting needs. 

Benefits of Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is incredibly lightweight and installed almost anywhere. Unlike incandescent lighting, it doesn’t need to be installed on a joist or stud. Recessed lighting also uses LED lights, which have a longer lifespan, are very bright, and use very little energy. This means they are beneficial in reducing your carbon footprint. They also tend to generate less heat than incandescent lights, so your house will stay cooler. Despite the upfront costs, they also save you a lot of money in power usage over the years. 

Recessed lighting installation in Las Vegas is an excellent option for just about any home. Contact Sin City Electrical today to learn more!

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