Best Places for Security Cameras: The Do’s and Dont’s

Are you planning home security and need to find the best places for security cameras? A safe home or business gives peace of mind, so many have opted to install cameras. Knowing where you should and should not place your security system will greatly affect its effectiveness. Get crucial do’s and don’ts for your camera placements from our licensed security camera installer team.

Relief From the Unpredictable

Security cameras provide relief from the unpredictable. Installing cameras and connecting them to a smart device allows property owners to check up on homes and businesses. There are many benefits to installing security cameras.

Do’s of Installing Cameras

Place security cameras in areas most likely to be targeted by criminals. Typically, criminals target ground-floor windows and doors, driveways, yard access entrances to the home, and basement access points. Choose install points that face these entry points. Limit the blind spot of the camera as much as possible. 

Do's of Installing Cameras - sincityelectrical

You can also install them in and around your garage or other detached buildings where you might keep expensive items or could potentially give access to the home. The basics of the best places for security cameras come down to the vulnerability spots of your property.

In addition to camera installation, be sure the areas around the camera are well lit. Installing lighting around the building massively increases your home security. 

Don’ts of Installing Cameras

Have you looked into potentially illegal placements for your camera? Bathrooms and views into a neighbor’s home are placements you must avoid. Federal law guarantees a reasonable expectation of privacy, and each state may have more laws related to cameras and privacy. These laws are complex. 

Don’t skip steps. Be sure that the camera is securely fastened, out of reach, and can pick up a visible feed at night. Skipping these steps allows criminals to take advantage of your home security system.

If you are concerned about camera placement, contact a licensed security camera installer to ensure your home complies with federal and state laws.

Why Professional Installation Matters - sincityelectrical

Why Professional Installation Matters

Security matters. If a camera does not work correctly or an alarm is not functioning, the whole security system will be useless. Choose a licensed security camera installer if you need help checking off all the do’s and don’ts to placing a security camera. In addition to setting up your system, they will test everything and ensure recommended lighting gets placed where necessary.

Our biggest DON’T: don’t wait to get your security system installed. Contact Sin City Electrical today to learn more!

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