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Everyone looks for energy saving tips for summer! However, going without AC in the Las Vegas heat is not doable. Check out some energy saving tips for summer from electricians in Las Vegas.

Energy Saving Tips for Summer

It’s the little things that count! Routine care increases the longevity and efficiency of your energy-using equipment. Just a few home energy saving tips include the following:

● Keep to a maintenance schedule.

● Replace filters in your AC system.

● Replace your appliances and thermostat with smart versions.

● Install fans to supplement air conditioning.

Schedule Maintenance

An efficient air conditioner is inexpensive to run. The best way to keep your bills down is to get on a routine maintenance schedule to ensure that your furnace and air conditioning system work at peak performance. You can do some of this maintenance yourself; things like oiling motors.  Cleaning the insides does require a professional touch.You should have your system professionally serviced at least twice a year.

If you have an AC issue, read our guide to troubleshooting an air conditioner that has failed. If it is summer and you have an AC emergency in Las Vegas, call us right away: (702) 276-9711.

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Replace Filters

Clean filters decrease the energy cost of your air conditioner. By replacing dirty filters, you remove any resistance caused by the gunk resulting in more efficient airflow. Replacing filters is an easy task. Purchase the correct filter for your unit, and prepare the space. After moving any fragile items, open the vent, dump the old filter into the trash, and slide the new one into place. It takes a few seconds and can result in significant energy savings. Filters can be changed every three months but never leave a filter for more than a year. A good rule of thumb is to change your filters at each change of season. That makes it easy to remember.

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Get Efficient & Smart Appliances

Smart appliances offer a variety of quality of life controls that will impact the cost of your energy bill. For example, a smart thermostat automatically controls your heating and cooling cycles, so you don’t have to remember to adjust the settings as you come and go from the home. Set them so that the house isn’t being cooled when you’re away but is always cool when you’re home to save energy. More complex smart air conditioning units control specific rooms of the house to optimize energy expenditures further. 

Pro tip: don’t stop at the air conditioner. Replace light bulbs and consider other options like tankless water heaters. Learn more about energy conservation upgrades here. 

Install a Fan

If you do not have a ceiling fan in Las Vegas, contact an electrician to install one right away. Fans use far less electricity than your air conditioning unit does, and they help to circulate air to keep it cool. In the deep heat of summer, using air conditioning and fans in tandem reduces the overall bill. Is your ceiling fan blade broken? Read here.

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Call In a Pro for Optimized Home Energy Saving Tips

If you’re looking for more energy saving tips for summer, an electrician in Las Vegas is your best bet. Electricians can help you create an energy saving plan while at the same time installing updated systems and thermostats to save you money overall. Contact Sin City Electrical today to learn more!

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