Close up on woman hand turn on the machine on the electrical panel at house

My Electricity Stopped in Part of My House – What Do I Do?

Natural causes like bad weather and infrastructure factors cause a partial power outage. Infrastructure problems include overloaded power grids or failing circuit breakers. An overloaded …

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Security Camera System 

Why an Electrician Should Install That New Security Camera System 

Did you get that new security camera system for your home while you were at Costco shopping for Christmas? A lot of people did!  While …

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2023 resolutions with noteboke black coffee cup

2023 Electrical Maintenance: New Year’s Resolutions Checklist

2022 was a tumultuous year, and 2023 is beckoning with offers of hope. As you plan for the new year, remember to include your home’s …

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Cat and Dog Safe Electric Tips

As pet owners in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of our primary concerns is keeping our furry friends safe and secure. From hazardous wiring to overloaded …

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Woman Changing Lightbulb

Uh Oh! My Lights Are Flickering

Flickering lights on a Christmas tree are pretty but the rest of your lights should not blink. If you have flickering lights, don’t panic. There …

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sincity electrical installation

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Introduction Electrical safety is important in the workplace to prevent injury and property damage. Electrical hazards can occur when equipment is not properly maintained or …

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Common Causes of Electrical Shocks at Home

Electrical shocks can be dangerous and even fatal. If you experience an electrical shock while you’re at home, it’s important to get help right away. …

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Little boy playing with electrical wires

Protect Yourself and Prevent Power Surges

Power surges can happen at any moment, and they can wreak havoc on your electrical system. Power surges can happen at any moment, and the …

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modern design kitchen with electric appliances

Are Your Appliances the Cause of Electrical Problems in the Home?

Today, so many things in our world use electricity to operate. From home appliances to cars, we depend on electricity to function. But with the …

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Electrical outlets on fire

Why the Details Matter with Electrical Installation Services

It’s the little things that often make the biggest difference. That is especially true when it concerns electrical installation services. Details matter, whether the work …

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