Ceiling Fan Installation: Signs You Need to Hire a Professional

A ceiling fan may not seem like a particularly tough fixture to hang, but it’s not necessarily one you should try to DIY. Since ceiling fans spin at high speeds and hang above your head, they can be extremely dangerous. It’s important to know when to toss in the towel and hire a professional. Besides saving you time and money, hiring an expert to install your ceiling fan can keep you physically safe. Read on to learn more about signs you need to hire a professional!

1. You Don’t Know What Kind of Fan You Need

Not all fans are created equal! Putting the actual design aside, the difference between a four and five-blade fan can be very noticeable in certain rooms. Ceiling fans nowadays have different remote control options, speeds, lights, heights, and sizes. Unless you know what you’re after, you may be missing out on some cool features. Worse, you could be overpaying for features you don’t necessarily need. If you’re not a hundred percent sure of what kind of fan you need, you should hire a professional from Sin City Electrical to help you choose.

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2. You Want to Save Both Time and Money

To someone who hasn’t installed a ceiling fan before, it can seem like a simple job. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Depending on what kind of fan you buy, it can be quite a lengthy install that takes a lot of bracing, rewiring, and mounting. Correctly installed fans mean not having to worry about repairs down the line, which can save you money on costly repair calls. Instead of running back and forth to pick up more tools or mounting kits, save time and money by having a professional handle it all.

3. You’re Not Familiar with Bracing Techniques

One way to tell if it’s time to hire a professional ceiling fan installer is if you have no idea what we mean when we say ‘bracing.’ They are suspending a heavy, quickly rotating fan in the ceiling takes a lot of technique. To avoid your newly installed ceiling fan either crashing to the ground or spinning off to the side, you need to brace it correctly. Properly bracing a ceiling fan includes knowing which materials you need, where they need to go, and how to install them. If you’re not in the know-how, you could have a significant disaster coming your way.

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4. You Want Someone Licensed and Bonded

The biggest downside of DIY-ing, a ceiling fan installation, is that if anything goes wrong, you’re at fault. Should your fan crack the ceiling, you need to repair it. If it falls and injures someone, you’re responsible. It’s a lot of pressure! The easiest way to avoid all this responsibility is by working with a specialist from Sin City Electrical. Any installer worth their salt will be fully licensed and bonded, like our team. This means the burden is off of you in case there are any issues whatsoever. The peace of mind from having a fully insured team at your back is well worth the installation cost.

5. You are not an electrician and electricity is dangerous!

This one seems almost too easy, but it’s true. Only an experienced electrician should be dealing with wiring, ladders, and circuits!  The Home Depots and Lowes stores certainly will sell you the fan, but they will also caution you that it is a dangerous job. Perching up on a ladder to hang a heavy object from a ceiling is hard enough. But it should be repeated… electricity is dangerous. Save money on the fan, not the installation. Your safety is too important!

Never worry about ceiling fan repairs or installations again. In the end, your safety is what matters, and hiring a highly trained professional saves you time, money and protects you. Contact our experienced team at Sin City Electrical to get your ceiling fan up and running today! 

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