Chandelier Installation in Las Vegas

A chandelier can make an ordinary space look elegant and sophisticated. When you have recently purchased a new one, you probably can’t wait to get your chandelier installed. While the thought of hanging your new glass lighting fixture on your ceiling is exciting, it is not for the amateur or the DIYer. Anyone who doesn’t have the expertise to install electrical fixtures will need expert help. It isn’t as simple as it seems. You are dealing with the dangers of a delicate but heavy fixture, potentially high ceilings, and of course, dangerous electricity.

Sometimes light fixtures will be placed in awkward locations. Reaching them requires ladders as Las Vegas ceilings are often high or even vaulted.

Chandelier Installation in Las Vegas

Sin City Electrical offers high-quality, safe installation of all sorts of different lighting scenarios. We can put up your new gorgeous chandelier, replace a dated pendant light or change out old recessed cans for new LED ones that last a long time. Sin City Electrical has professional electricians standing by, ready to install your new light fixtures, and we take care of all the details to keep everyone safe and prevent accidents.

We will assess if your new chandelier requires extra supports in the ceiling. Generally, if a chandelier weighs less than 50 pounds, it should be fine to put it in the place of a previous light fixture. However, when installing a heaver lighting fixture requires permanent supports from the ceiling, our expert installers will secure the unit properly on ground wires and make sure your electrical box is ready for the load.

Professional installers ensure that your chandelier doesn’t get damaged while installing it. And more importantly, Sin City Electrical will make sure that there is no possibility of a fire hazard inside your home due to electrical overloading or live wire exposure. It’s better to leave everything to the lighting experts at Sin City Electrical.

Sin City Electrical is your leading Las Vegas residential electrician offering outstanding chandelier and lighting fixture installation services to all residential and commercial customers across Las Vegas, Henderson and, Nevada. We provide the following services:

  •  Chandelier & assorted lighting fixture installation
  • Chandelier repair
  • Home inspection and load computation
  • Other installation services

Whether you have a conventional or vaulted ceiling design, our service professionals can get your stylish chandelier installed where you want it.

Our licensed electricians can also perform voltage testing and detailed wiring assessments, particularly if you need to install a specialty chandelier.

Contact one of our certified electricians right now if you’re interested in installing a beautiful chandelier in your Las Vegas property. Sin City Electrical provides professional electrical service to construction companies, business owners, and homeowners throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Give our family-owned business your trust, and you will be happy with your choice.

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