Chandelier Installers Give You the Inside Scoop

Many things can go wrong when installing chandeliers without the proper steps. From electrical dangers, lights that hang too low, dangerously unbalanced installations, only to name a few. Get an insider scoop on installing chandeliers and why to call in the professionals.

What Can Go Wrong with Installations?

Chandelier installations present several potential problems. Incorrect installation leads to problems varying in severity. The most common issue we find is improper connecting of wires. The chandelier won’t function when an installer messes up cable connections. Only a portion of the chandelier might light if you improperly join the ground wire.

Many chandeliers come with a dimmer feature. Be sure that you use dimmable lightbulbs in these. If they still don’t function properly, you may have a wrong connection.

Other errors are more basic. For example, we commonly see chandeliers hung too low. Low-hanging fixtures make it hard to move through your home. Inversely, a chandelier hung too high will look strange, and the light will not dissipate through the room. Click here for chandelier installation tips.

Pro Tip: While not an installation issue, verify the size and color of the chandelier match the room before installation to prevent doing more work than you have to.

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How Professionals Avoid Issues

Professionals at Sin City Electrical see the value a beautiful chandelier adds to a space. Hanging a chandelier is not an amateur DIYer-friendly affair between the various details, glass, vintage, or numerous parts and pieces. Our experts use their experience and knowledge to progress through an installation efficiently. 

When our electricians install a chandelier, they perform a quick assessment to verify the electrical circuit and ceiling can handle your new addition. They secure ground wires and progress through the installation efficiently and thoroughly to avoid errors. A significant difference between a DIY installation and a professional is the detailed wiring assessments and voltage testing that an expert performs to ensure that you don’t have overloading, live wires, or other fire hazards. 

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What to Consider Before an Install

Before calling for your chandelier installation, consider the room size. Measure the room’s length and width in feet. Multiply the length and width together, and the result is the width in inches your chandelier should be. Thus, a chandelier for an 8 x 10 room would be 18 inches in width. Next, make sure the hanging is at the proper height. If it’s above a table or island, it should be roughly 32 to 34 inches above the table. If it’s above a floor, you want it 7 feet high. 

If you’re looking for expert chandelier installations in Las Vegas, we are ready to help evaluate your space. Contact Sin City Electrical today to learn more!

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