Do You Know the Benefits of LED Lighting?

The benefits of LED lighting are many. These lights look fantastic, last for years, and have environmental advantages. Their lower energy output and long life also result in serious cost savings on your energy bills. Learn all about the benefits of LED lighting, and answer the question, “Why are LED lights better?”

Why Are LED Lights Better for the Environment?

It’s our responsibility to be eco-conscious, and LED lighting allows you to do your part in that area. LED lights at only 36 watts give off the same light level as an 84-watt fluorescent bulb. Efficiency increases to 80% with these lights over incandescent or fluorescent lights. Only 5% of energy from an LED is lost to heat, leaving 95% to the energy.

LEDs distribute light more efficiently than other types of light, and last longer, leading to far lower carbon emissions. No question, LED lights are more eco-friendly.

LED Lighting Has a Longer Life

One of the many advantages of LED lights is lifespan. LED lighting lasts much longer than standard incandescent or fluorescent bulbs by a long shot. High-quality LED lights last three to five times as long as a typical CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulb, up to six times as long as a fluorescent bulb, and 30 times as long as an incandescent bulb. That’s a lot fewer replacements needed.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Energy Efficiency

Benefits of LED Lighting for Energy Efficiency

Energy experts estimate that by 2035 the switch to LED technology across the board will save as much energy as the output of 92 1,000-megawatt power plants. They are so energy efficient because they produce light differently. Instead of using a heated filament, LEDs use a property of semiconductors called electroluminescence. This process creates very little heat and generates much brighter, more efficient light.

LED Lighting Is Cost-Effective

Why LED Lighting Is Cost-Effective

Did you know that lighting makes up roughly 15% of the average home’s energy? LEDs save the average household around $225 in energy costs every year. The savings increase drastically for businesses and warehouses with long work hours. Working conditions are another factor in your choice; for example, want brighter workspaces? LEDs outperform halogen lights by 9,600 lumens for a better lit workspace.

Bottomline — switch to LED lighting in your home or business now to start saving! Contact Sin City Electrical today to learn more!

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