Don’t Panic! Here’s What to Do When the AC Fails

Unlike other places in the country, air conditioners are essential in Las Vegas. When you live in a desert climate, it’s crucial to have reliable air conditioning. That’s why when the AC fails, it can be a terrible thing. There’s no good time for this to happen, and it can cause panic or even fatigue—that is why we put together this list. Learn the signs of a failing AC and what you can do to stave off disaster and get up and running again.

What to Do When the AC Fails

Signs of a Failing AC

Signs that you may need AC repair soon can be many and varied. The most obvious is that your system just isn’t working; you’re getting no airflow or warm air from your vents. However, you may have other signs which you can address before things get out of hand. These can include:

  • Unusual Noises: If you hear screeching, banging, grinding noises, you may have an issue. The cause of the noise can range from something as simple as a loose belt, high pressure, or troubles with your blower or motor.
  • Strange Smells: If you smell burning, a smell like stinky feet, a sort of sweet odor, or any other odd odors coming from your vents, you should address the problem right away. These can be signs of an electrical problem, leaky coolant, or mold growing in your ductwork-all of which can be dangerous.
  • Tripped Breakers: If your breaker trips every time the AC kicks on, you’ve got an electrical problem and could be a potential fire hazard. Get it addressed right away.
  •   Iced Up Coils: If you see water pooling underneath or around your unit, you’ve got problems. You might need more coolant or have a coolant leak. You might also have a bad fan and/or several other risks of having your system go down.

Can I Perform DIY AC Repair?

Whether you can perform emergency AC repair in Las Vegas on your own depends on the nature of the problem. Before you try fixing anything, make sure that you turn off the power. Working on your AC can be an electrocution risk, and you need to be sure to cut the power before going in.

The most straightforward fix might be in your furnace. Have you changed the filter lately? If not, swap it out and see if that does the trick. You should change your furnace filter four times a year, spacing it every three months. If the problem is a dirty condenser coil, you may be able to spray it off with a garden hose nozzle. First, spray up, then spray down. Next, check the fuses in your disconnect block. Replace them if they have blown out. You can also check your access panel to ensure you don’t have loose or frayed wires or connectors that need attention.

AC Repair in Las Vegas

Where Do I Get AC Repair in Las Vegas?

As you can see, some of these repairs can be tricky and complicated. Others are deeper in the system, and you may not even be able to get to them. They can also carry the risk of shock or electrocution. If you need AC repair in Las Vegas, it’s often best to call in the pros. They can even suggest cost-effective options that will help you in the long run. To learn more, contact Sin City Electrical.

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