Electrical Troubleshooting for Las Vegas

Electricity. We expect it always to be there when we need it, right? But sometimes, electrical power can be unpredictable. Does your home ever have problems related to electricity such as:

  • Outlets that do not work
  • A circuit breaker that keeps tripping
  • Strange blinking lights
  • A GFI that won’t reset
  • Electrical surges
  • Power interruptions
Troubleshooting Electrical

When it comes to diagnosing home electrical issues, you can try to do it yourself, but it is always better to call the professionals at Sin City Electrical. Just like a medical problem, these kinds of residential electrical problems may be a symptom of a deeper, more serious issue.

You will unlikely find the answer from a home electrical troubleshooting guide or on your house wiring diagram. Besides, residential electrical troubleshooting is a serious business. When it comes to household electrics, your safety must be the utmost concern. Trying to save few bucks figuring out why you have flickering lights or extra-high electricity bills is not a good value. A professional electrician will find the cause and fix it so you can go back to enjoying your home.

Some of the Issues We See

Frequent electrical surges

Faulty wiring isn’t always the cause. Surges can become from damage to power lines, lightning strikes, damaged appliances, and more. Even short surges are problematic. If they occur frequently, they will damage expensive electrical elements that are plugged in, such as your costly audio-visual equipment and your brand-new refrigerator, causing them to shorten their useful lifespan.

Unreliable Light Switches

Flip a switch; you expect your light to come on. When that doesn’t happen or is unpredictable, it’s time to call Sin City Electrical for a home electrical diagnosis. Sometimes the switch can wear out, but it may be a deeper problem. It could be a fault in the outlet, with the circuit, or throughout your home’s wiring. 

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers

When your circuit breaker trips, it is usually at an inconvenient time. You have probably chased down a breaker and reset it yourself from time to time. The usual suspects are high wattage appliances running concurrently and causing a drain on the circuit. When we are troubleshooting electrical wiring in your home, be sure to tell us if you have frequent trips. It could be something more serious. Often circuit overload is the culprit. 

Does your home need more outlets? Most homes do not have enough outlets, and often they are not placed when you need them. Call us to help you relocate your outlet.

Electrical Shocks

One problem that should not be ignored is electrical shock. These shocks usually occur when you turn a plugged-in device on or off. In addition to endangering the device, you risk injury when to yourself or your loved ones. You may even find a household fire started from ignoring this common electrical problem.  

High electrical bill

A high electrical bill is often a symptom of needing to do some troubleshooting. Finding the cause can be tricky for a homeowner, but it will be worth reaching out to Sin City Electrical to help identify the root cause of the high bills. 

Excessive heat

Every so often, an appliance or devise we use in our home starts to produce excessive heat. It is a call for help! Overheated appliances or lighting can be a fire risk, so be let us know right away when you notice this problem.

What to do if problems persist

You don’t need to put up with electrical problems around your home. Contact Sin City Electrical. Your safety is the first priority, and electrical issues are not to be trifled with. Get in touch with us today to diagnose the problems with your home electricity.

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