Energy Conservation Upgrades

All of us have a responsibility to be good stewards of our planet. In the Las Vegas Valley, our harsh climate makes it difficult to save energy when we must constantly be running air conditioning, lighting our homes, and heating our water. We all want to be green, but we need a place to begin. A good place to start is to conduct a home energy audit. 

A home energy audit, or an assessment, will help you understand your home’s energy use and what can be done to improve it. At Sin City Electrical, we can locate problem areas to correct, conduct electrical troubleshooting and make your home more energy-efficient while maintaining your comfort. A home energy audit will point out opportunities for energy-saving home improvements like an LED lighting retrofit, smart thermostat, or perhaps a tankless water heater. 

Installation of a floor temperature controller in the house

Smart Thermostats - What you should know

Because we need our homes to be livable 24/7, our energy needs are the same. Your thermostat is how you regulate the temperature, but modern technology has now made them more efficient and energy-wise than ever before. By connecting to your heating and cooling systems, smart thermostats can allow the device to remember your chosen temperature and adjust the systems accordingly in the future. These new kinds of thermostats cut your energy costs by fine-tuning your heating and cooling without sacrificing the comfort in your home

Get Connected

These thermostats also connect to all your other smart devices wirelessly. Smart thermostats are compatible with mobile or web applications, which means you can check your energy usage in real-time. You can program different temperatures for different times, days, and situations, and you can even turn your system on or off remotely.

Many are compatible with Alexa or other voice-activated software.

Smart Thermostats are smart! They are mini-computers that learn your behaviors and predict adjustments you would make, and in time they do them for you, saving you time and energy.

Energy-efficient Lighting Options

The light bulb that we grew up with is not very green. These bulbs take a lot of energy, produce a lot of heat, and don’t last very long. Now there are multiple choices to replace the old bulb, including halogen, compact fluorescent, and LED lighting, all of which are likely to save you money while helping conserve energy.  

LED Upgrade

Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are highly efficient technology that has recently been adapted for home use. These LEDs can use 25 percent of the energy of traditional light bulbs while potentially lasting up to 20 years! Read more about this option and how Sin City Electrical can retrofit your home with this cost-effective and desirable lighting option. 

How do tankless water heaters work?

A tankless hot water heater works on demand. Rather than continuously heating a large tank of water (and keeping it hot 24/7), tankless heaters only heat the water when a demand is made. No hot water is stored until an appliance, or a faucet draws on it. The tankless system heats water running through the pipe with a heating element as it is needed. Once the demand stops, the heating stops. 

Longer life and more efficient

Regular water heaters typically last 10-15 years. Tankless ones can last up to 20 years when properly maintained. Tankless water heaters can cost more than traditional tank ones, but they can save money in the long run. Storaging water in tanks means that there is heat loss; water cools as it’s held in the storage tank until use. The heater has to reheat the water even when it is not being used. Tankless heaters can be up to 35% more energy-efficient than regular water heaters.  

Let our Henderson Electrician conduct an audit today to determine how you can achieve energy efficiency.

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