Energy-Saving Ceiling Fans You Might Buy Before Summer Ends

During the Las Vegas summer, it’s unpleasant to choose between the uncomfortable heat or high electric bills. Even the most shaded homes in the Valley struggle with the 100+ degree heat each year. Ceiling fans, a cost-effective home upgrade, can cut your monthly electric bill by a whopping 10% during the summer while still keeping it cool inside! And here is a bonus tip: They help circulate warm air in the winter too keeping your home comfortable all year long! Read on to learn more about energy-saving ceiling fans you may want to buy before summer ends.

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What Makes a Ceiling Fan Energy-Saving?

Ceiling fans do not cool rooms by themselves. The most practical way to change a room’s temperature is to turn on the air conditioner, but that doesn’t mean fans are useless. Ceiling fans help conserve energy in two ways: by circulating air, they dry out the room and create a breeze. Both of these tricks make it feel cooler inside a room. Since a ceiling fan only costs about a penny per hour to operate (instead of $0.36 for the average air conditioning unit), it’s a cost-efficient way to make a room feel more comfortable. If you can bump up the A/C even a few degrees due to the added comfort of a ceiling fan, you’ll save significant money during the summer.

Different Types of Ceiling Fans

Just like with your efficient kitchen appliances, you can have Energy Star ceiling fans! The Energy Star emblem found on many machines is a certification that the item meets the EPA’s criteria for energy efficiency. A ceiling fan with the Energy Star logo may be a good investment, as it’s already passed all the tests needed to be efficient.

If you’re looking at a ceiling fan without the star logo, don’t worry! Fans are separated by three major things: their blade size, blade pitch, and whether or not they’re reversible. Factors such as the room’s size, location of the fan, how high you’ll hang it, and more can change which fan is the right fit for you.  

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The Best Fans for Beating the Vegas Heat

Beating the Las Vegas heat doesn’t need to break your budget. Finding a good ceiling fan for your home can help save energy costs without sacrificing comfort. As we mentioned above, the right fan depends on your individual needs. You may need a smaller blade size if your room isn’t large or a fan rated for higher humidity for a bathroom. The best choice is to consult a professional at Sin City Electrical and allow them to guide you through available options. Like remote-controlled, reversible ceiling fans, some are considered a luxury upgrade and will earn you a high-end feel. Others, such as those with built-in LED lights, can double down on their efficiency. The best fan depends on your circumstances, so don’t hesitate to call Sin City Electrical to find out what will work for you!

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