EV Chargers Installed at Home Are the Best

Why Installing an EV Charger at Home is the Way to Go

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming popular due to their environmental friendliness, low maintenance costs, and convenience. Installing an EV charger at home is an easy and convenient way to fuel your vehicle. Not only does it save time and money by avoiding trips to the gas station, but it also ensures that you’ll have a reliable power source for charging your car.

EV chargers come in various sizes and power output levels, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. A level 1 charger, for example, is a basic unit that plugs into any standard 120-volt outlet and takes 4 to 8 hours to charge a typical EV battery. Level 2 chargers are more powerful, requiring 240 volts and up to four times the power of a level 1 charger. Level 3 chargers are the most powerful option, providing up to 400 volts and allow rapid charging in minutes. This article explains why you should consider installing a home EV charger.

Fits Your Schedule

One of the best parts about having an EV charger installation at home is that you don’t have to worry about finding a gas station after a long day of work or school. Instead, you can plug in your electric vehicle and let it charge while relaxing in the comfort of your home. This makes EV charging incredibly convenient and help you save time and money on fuel costs.

While adding to your convenience levels, home EV chargers are more predictable than public charging points. You will plug your EV at your convenience and program it to start charging during a specific time. By morning, you will have a considerable range using the Level 1 charger. The Level 2 charger will fully charge your EV by morning for maximum driving range.

Charges While You Carry On with Other Activities

One of the significant advantages of electric car charger home is that they don’t require any active refueling. You can plug in your electric vehicle and charge it while you do something else, like have dinner. According to statistics, the number of people working from home between 2019 and 2021 has tripled. For such workers, charging the EV in the home office during the day is highly recommended. The vehicle will have an uninterrupted charging session of more than seven hours.

End Your Dependence on Gas Prices

Home Tesla charger installation will help you save both time and money on fuel costs. Since EV chargers are powered by electricity, they do not depend on fluctuating gas prices like traditional vehicles. This means you don’t have to drive around town looking for the cheapest gas station like a bidder at an auction. With EV charging technology becoming increasingly advanced, now is the best time to switch to electric and install an EV charger at home.

You will avoid sudden gas shortages or price hikes caused by inflation and global instability. The electric vehicle charging cost is lower than public EV chargers, and many electric utility companies offer EV charging discounts on your monthly electricity bill. Even if fuel prices rise, you can continue to drive your electric car at a fraction of the cost.

Charging an electric vehicle from the comfort of your own home is incredibly easy. All you need is a dedicated electric car charger installed in your garage or driveway and connected to a power supply. Simplify your life by charging from home, making electric vehicle ownership even more rewarding.

Electric vehicle charging from home is more cost-effective than filling it up with gasoline, making it the perfect choice for electric vehicle owners. Contact Sin City Electrical at 702-276-9711 to install an electric vehicle charger in your home to save time and money.

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