How to Fix a Broken Ceiling Fan Blade with This Easy Guide

It’s not common to know how to fix a broken ceiling fan blade. You count on them to help circulate air through the house, and when a blade breaks, it can be a nightmare. You don’t want to replace everything, so what can you do? 

Learn how to fix a broken ceiling fan blade and replace ceiling fans in Las Vegas with professional help.

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Troubleshooting the Problem

Are you looking at a fan that’s missing an arm; is it a broken blade, or is it something else? You may look into the issue and discover that the “broken” blade has detached itself; a few new screws and you’ll be golden! Turn to the most straightforward fixes first. Eliminate those, and often the issue goes away. Sometimes, however, you do need to make a more complex fix.

Broken Fan Blade?

If the fan blade itself broke, you’d likely be able to see it. There will be a visible crack. The most apparent breaks are on the arm itself; damages hidden under the bracket are trickier to locate. Before you start tearing your fan apart, be sure that you shut off all power.

The last thing you want is to get injured because you have live electricity running through the motor. No matter how minor a fix you think it is, if the power is on, it’s got the potential to do harm. Go to the main box in your house and cut power to the room where you will be working. If that means you need to bring a battery-powered trouble light in to see, so be it.

Replacing Your Fan Blade Arm

Replacing Your Fan Blade Arm

Ceiling fan blades usually connect to the housing with just a few screws. Disassemble the housing and find the bracket where your blade went. If the bracket is still in good shape, all you have to do is replace the broken blade. You may be able to fix the existing blade with a good adhesive or even a two-part epoxy if the break is just a chip or crack.

However, if it’s corroded or broken, you’ll need to buy a new fan blade. You will need one that matches the size and design of the others. You might want to purchase several and replace them all, so they match. When you’re ready, just unscrew the existing blades, insert the new ones into the housing and replace the screws. Voila! That’s how to fix a broken ceiling fan blade. It’s fast and easy.

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When to Call the Pros

In some cases, you may need to remove the entire fan housing from the ceiling. This can be more involved and require removing the light bulbs, disconnecting the wires, and pulling the assembly down. Maybe there is a better way to stay cool, like installing a smart thermostat. Many people are understandably concerned about working with electrical wires. If that’s you, a professional can help get you through it. Contact Sin City Electrical today to learn more!

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