How to Install Cluster Pendant Lights the Safe Way

Putting up that pendant light you love can be tricky and dangerous without a proper guide. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll achieve a perfect installation. Learn how to install cluster pendant lights safely and when to call professional electricians for help. 

Types of Custer Pendant Lights

There are thousands of cluster pendant lights on the market. They are made of multiple individual lights that connect to the same fixture and hang in a group or cluster. You can find clusters of two, three, five, or more. They come in cylindrical shapes, globes, pyramids, chandelier looks, teardrop shapes, grape clusters, and many other forms. Part of the installation process is researching what will look best in your space.

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The Steps and the Tools

Completing installation on your own is possible if you’re careful. However, the repercussions of a faulty installation are extreme. Always be wary of injury and possible fire hazards when handling electrics. 

The steps involved are:

  1. Planning your installation
  2. Completing prep work
  3. Connecting the wires
  4. Installing the mounting bracket and fixture
  5. Installing the cover

Items you’ll need:

  • Ladder
  • Screw Driver 
  • Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Plan Your Installation

Start by considering the height you need. For an 8-foot ceiling, your cluster should hang between 12 and 20 inches. This distance increases by 3 inches per foot of ceiling height. If the cluster is over a tabletop or other surface, it should have at least 30 to 36 inches of clearance. Be sure you have a clear sightline in your installation area and don’t forget to consider whether you want dimmer switches to adjust your light levels.

Complete Prep Work

First, unpack your new fixture and ensure that it’s in good shape. Check that nothing is broken and all the parts are there. 

Next, turn off the electricity at your breaker box. Turning off power is vital, as working with electricity can be life-threatening. Use the non-contact voltage tester on the outlets in the room to ensure the wires are dead. 

Detach the old fixture by removing the cover and bracket. Use your non-contact voltage tester one more time by testing the newly exposed lighting wires. Disconnect the old wires from the connectors, remove the fixture entirely, and place all parts together and safely out of the way. Pro tip: remove light bulbs and heavy items from the original fixture before releasing the covers and disconnecting wires for ease and safety.

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Connect the Wires

Now, connect your new fixture. Remove the heavy parts of the new fixture that need to be assembled after the wires are correctly connected. Splice the wires from the back of the fixture to those hanging from the junction box, matching black to black, white to white, and ground to ground — screw on the wire nuts/connectors to secure the splices. 

Push the wires inside to get them out of the way.

Install the Mounting Bracket and Fixture

Installing the mounting bracket is as simple as screwing it to the existing beam. When you’ve done this, make sure it’s solid. Screw the fixture to the bracket. There should be designated holes to accomplish this.

Attach the Cover and Restore Power

Finally, screw in your bulbs and install the shade or globe over your lights. Follow package instruction steps. Each fixture is different, but this is usually straightforward to accomplish. When you have this completed, turn the power back on and give it a test to be sure it works.

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Please note if the connectors are not secure, it could lead to a fire. If damage occurs due to improper installation, an insurance company may not cover the damage because a professional did not install the light. It is always the best choice to involve a professional. Contact Sin City Electrical today for safe and quick help with your pendant light!

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