Is My Home Upgrade DIY-Worthy or Electrician-Worthy?

diy or professional electrician home upgrade

Do you have the itch to update and remodel the house? Electrical projects walk a fine line between being safe to handle on your own and needing a professional. Let’s shed light on a few electrical home remodel projects you can do or hire out for.

DIY Electrical Projects to Upgrade the Home

Feeling like changing things up? The following projects are within the voltage range of most do-it-yourselfers: A simple light fixture swap easily takes your space up a notch. Replacing old, dim, or outdated light fixtures with new, dazzling models can transform the look and feel of your space.

  • Pro Tip: Swap out the bulbs for energy-saving ones during this upgrade to save money on electricity!

Upgrade your home using new switch and outlet covers – an underrated and yet beautiful upgrade for the home. Updating them can not only freshen up your walls but also add functionality with modern features like USB ports.

Adding string lights outdoors offers a simple solution to create a cozy, inviting outdoor atmosphere, perfect for summer nights.

  • Pro Tip: Install string lights with an invisible string threaded with the cord. For example, if the string lights are black, you can use a black cord along with screw eyelets and black zip ties. With the support of a cord, the light’s lifespan will last much longer.

Remember, safety comes first! Turn off the breaker before you dive into any lighting project.

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Projects That Require a Professional Electrician

Sometimes, it’s best to call in the cavalry for electrical work. Here’s where you should let the professionals conduct the project:

The complexity of adding new circuits skyrockets faster than the rising summer temperatures. Estimating the load for the new circuit prevents overloading your system. Bad installation could lead to tripped breakers or, worse, a fire hazard. Home electrical systems are complex, code-bound, and not for the faint of heart (or unlicensed).

Upgrading to new appliances can put a heavy load on your system. Professional electricians connect the new device to your home’s circuit properly. An Expert can handle the heat without tripping up your electrical.

Someone with knowledge and skill should fit outdoor lighting. When the project surpasses the ease of a string light, it’s not worth taking a DIY chance. Proper outdoor lighting installation is intricate, from waterproofing to wiring.Installing Track Lighting often requires a direct connection to your home’s electrical wiring. This involves:

  • Making holes in the ceiling
  • Putting wires through walls
  • Ensuring that everything is connected

Each of these home upgrades calls for experience and, above all, a license because electrical safety is no joke!

Looking for a different residential electrical upgrade? You can find a list of electrical services we can help with here.

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Time to Begin That Dream Project

Ready to give your home that glow-up? Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire professionals, the goal is to make your space safe, efficient, and stunning.

If your project feels like it’s a bit beyond your reach, don’t hesitate to contact your local professional electricians. After all, they’re just a call away from helping you light up your home—literally.

For those in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, area, call Sin City Electrical! We are a licensed and insured company with experience you can trust: (702) 276-9711.

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