LED Lighting Retrofit: Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking at retrofitting the lighting in your property, you may have considered switching out your lighting for LEDs. Is it really worth it though? Learn the answer to “What is retrofit LED lighting?” and the benefits it can carry for your property.

What Is Retrofit LED Lighting?

Retrofit LED lighting means adding lighting that didn’t exist before and possibly removing and replacing old lighting. You could also refer to this as “LED lighting conversion”. You’re tearing out the lighting fixtures that were in place when the facility or property was constructed and replacing them with LED lights instead. Retrofitting LED lighting may sound simple, but it’s not as easy as you might think. It requires expert work and time, but it can carry a lot of benefits, including cost savings.

Benefits of an LED Lighting Retrofit

LED lighting retrofitting benefits you in three main ways. The first is that it improves your energy efficiency with eco-friendly operations. LED lights use less energy than traditional lighting, create less heat, and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Second, LED lighting reduces your operating costs. As mentioned above, LED lights use less energy, and they last for years without needing to be replaced. Finally, LED lights can improve the quality of lighting. LED lighting is brighter, less harsh on the eyes, and more clear than incandescent lighting. Utilizing LED lights has the added benefit of making workplaces safer.

LED Lighting Retrofit - Las vegas

Types of LED Lighting Retrofits

There are four main types of LED retrofits. These are:

LED vapor tight fixtures: These are used mainly for outdoor areas and are sealed away from contaminants like dust, moisture, and harsh weather conditions. They can also be used in manufacturing facilities, farming operations, and parking garages.

LED strip lights: Also called shop lights, these fixtures can be used for precise lighting over specific work areas. They’re applied in workshops, storage facilities, and warehouses.

LED tubes: The most common type of retrofit involves a simple replacement of fluorescent tubes with LED tubes that fit into the existing fixtures. They’re not a proper retrofit, but they are a cost-effective way of upgrading if you have existing fluorescent lights.

LED troffer lights: You can replace existing traditional troffer lights in your office with LED versions installed in drop ceilings. These are great for desk or cubicle overhead lights. They don’t change the aesthetics of the office in any way.

Retrofit LED Lighting Save Money

Does Retrofit LED Lighting Save Money?

LED retrofits, like many other upgrades, save money. Your return on investment can be as high as 115%, with a measurable increase in your lighting levels and an annual savings of up to tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs. You’ll eliminate mercury from lighting, and you can vastly reduce your carbon footprint. Maintenance costs will also be noticeably lower as LED lights rarely need to be changed. The precise numbers depend on your existing fixtures, but the savings are immense and measurable. Contact Sin City Electrical today to learn more!

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