Need Electrical Upgrades after a Home Inspection in Las Vegas?

Getting a home inspection in Las Vegas is imperative when buying a home. Las Vegas has many older homes with potentially dangerous electricals if not replaced. Repairs after a home inspection may be necessary to help your home when it is on the market. Find out why inspections are important and what electrical upgrades you may need for your home.

Old Homes in a Booming Market

The Vegas housing market is in a boom right now. It is an excellent time to sell your old Las Vegas home and search for a beautiful new build; but with an old home comes old electricals. Your home may benefit from electrical troubleshooting and repairs. With professional help, identify dangers and receive top-notch repairs before putting your home on the market.


What Problems Will Need Fixing

Your home needs to meet building safety regulations. There are a handful of electrical problems that must be addressed for safety. 

Wire Insulation: Older wiring in homes may not be an issue if the insulation is intact. Once the wiring becomes exposed, it’s time to call in the professionals immediately.

Proper Splicing: Electrical tape around wiring is a bad sign. It indicates the wires are not properly soldered.  

Outlets: A common standard for outlets is to replace them at 40 years old. Replacing them with tamper-resistant outlets is a low-cost way to improve the home.

Breaker and Fuse Boxes: With newer appliances come higher wire amp specifications. Old wiring mixed with an overfused circuit is a disaster waiting to happen. Addressing this is a top priority.

Other Upgrades to Consider Along the Way

Consider adding additional changes that improve the value of your home your home is getting electrical services that are important to the home’s safety. 

Surge Protection: Installing whole home surge protectors is a quick installation for an electrician and comes with features that indicate when a surge has struck your home. 

Energy Conservation Upgrades: Upgrade your thermostat to get easy and intuitive systems that change the temperature during the day to your preferences. It cuts energy costs and is much more comfortable. Include changing lights for massive money-saving, too.

Recessed Lighting: Get better light coverage in your home with recessed lighting. It makes spaces appear larger and more open.


Get an Electrical Inspection Before Selling a House

Any older home inspection in Las Vegas has a high chance of revealing more electrical needs than what was listed. With a certified electrician, your home receives careful consideration to give you every opportunity possible when putting your home on the market. Contact Sin City Electrical today to learn more!

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