Safely Hang Your Chandelier With This Easy Guide

Chandeliers never go out of style. No matter the room’s decor, adding a chandelier can give it a sense of sophistication and class. It turns an ordinary space into one with a high-end feel. When you buy a chandelier, you probably want to get it hung as soon as possible. But don’t rush in! Hanging a chandelier may look simple, but you can damage your home, hurt yourself or start a fire if you get it wrong. Learn what you need to do to hang a chandelier safely or when to call in the professionals.

Types of Chandelier Hangings

First, you need to know what kind of chandelier you’re dealing with before you can determine the proper way to anchor it. The three most common types of chandeliers are chain-hung, cord-hung, downrod, and pendant.

●     Chain-hung chandeliers were once the most common form in use. These beautiful fixtures use heavy chains to provide extra support and are easy to adjust.

●     Cord-hung chandeliers are a standard fixture that uses a flexible cord or wire nuts instead of a chain. They are less expensive and tend to be smaller and more lightweight.

●     Downrod chandeliers or pendants use sections of a metal rod that screw together without the need of a screwdriver. This anchor prevents a sturdy base that won’t swing around. 

Cord-hung Chandelier
Cord-hung Chandelier

Safety Tips for Chandelier Hanging

The first step in hanging any chandelier is to make sure that your power is off. You do not want to mess with electrical connections while they’re running. If you don’t know how to use the breaker box in your home, you should call in the pros. The power running through your home can be fatal.

Guide to Hanging Chandeliers

The main steps in hanging a chandelier are similar across all three types. To begin, shut off the power and ensure that your ceiling junction box is set up properly (We assume that you’re replacing an old light fixture with the chandelier). Make sure that everything is securely screwed in and that the wires are ready to be connected.

Next, screw in the mounting bar that is included with your chandelier into the electrical box or ceiling joists. Follow the instructions for your chandelier closely. Measure the length of your chain, cord, or rod so that the chandelier hangs where you want it. You may need to cut the cord or cut off excess links if you’re hanging a chain or cord chandelier.

After the chandelier is hung on the mounting bar, it’s time to connect the wires. You should have more wire than you need. Attach the chandelier first, then match it to the wires from the junction box. Use wire cutters to strip the insulation, splice the wires together, and use twist connectors to protect the connection. Make sure the black matches black and the white matches white. Tuck the wires away in the box, reattach the canopy to the ceiling, and you’re done!

When to Call in the Pros

If you’re not used to working with electrical connections, it’s probably safer to have your chandelier installed by a professional. If you’d like help or additional information, contact Sin City Electrical today!

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