The When and the Why of Electrical Inspections

When is it time to get an electrical inspection or audit? Do you get an inspection when you buy or sell a business? Are there signs you’ll see that tell you it’s time for an electrical checkup? These are vital questions that homeowners and business owners need to know. This blog will give you all the tools to understand what an electrical inspection is, when to have one done, and why it’s important.

Why Have an Electrical Inspection as a Business

Electrical inspections, checkups, and audits are essential, especially for businesses that use much power. The proper maintenance system keeps your energy flowing unimpeded and reliably precisely when needed. An inspection offers safety, as it keeps things like fire hazards to a minimum. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that 24% of fires in manufacturing and industrial sectors are caused by electrical equipment. A full 20% of industrial site structural fires are electrical.

How Often Should I Receive Electrical Maintenance

Regular checkups and preventive electrical maintenance are essential, and every facility should have a regularly scheduled electrical maintenance program in its budget. Electrical equipment will eventually fail, and almost all of the above electrical fires were preventable with extra maintenance.

However, exactly how often should you have electrical checkups? Well, it depends on your usage and individual business. Still, scheduling an appointment with a qualified electrician to perform an initial electrical inspection and help you determine the best course of action is key.

electrician doing electrical maintenance

Energy Audits

Energy audits differ from maintenance and inspections but have value for property owners. An audit involves evaluating your structure’s energy efficiency and looking for opportunities to save power, cutting costs, and improving safety.

These processes usually involve looking at your utility bills, which provide data and costs over time, and electric meter readings to track overall power usage. A survey of the property involves the professional checking of your equipment and systems: lighting, HVAC systems, water heaters, and industrial loads. Additionally, diagnostic testing of your systems checks for leaking ducts and problems with your cooling systems, energy pool, fan flow, refrigeration units, and cooling coils.

Therefore, an energy audit may take many forms, from a basic walkthrough to a comprehensive analysis of all your systems with project costs, monitoring, and intensive data collection. Any audit, however, helps you operate with greater sustainability and responsibility.

electrician cutting electrical wires

Sin City Electrical for Commercial Systems

If you’re interested in having a professional, trusted electrician come out to look at your systems, we are ready to help. We answer how often electrical maintenance is needed and perform electrical checkups and inspections. Our technicians guide you through all the steps to keep your systems running smoothly and safely. If you have questions, contact Sin City Electrical today to learn more!

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