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When you need an electrician in Henderson, Nevada, it’s crucial to hire the right electrician to diagnose and repair any problems you might have. Electricians specialize in different areas and getting the right one can make all the difference in cost and results. Learn how to determine what kind of electrician you need to care for your electrical issues in Henderson.

What Types of Electricians Are There?

There are dozens of types and specializations of electricians out there. However, they fall under three major categories and two divisions. These categories are industrial electricians, residential electricians, and commercial electricians. From there, you’ll want either an indoor or outdoor electrician, depending on the nature of your problem.

Commercial Electricians

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians in Las Vegas can handle larger jobs than those in a home. They service places like offices, malls, and businesses with higher power requirements. To be certified as a commercial electrician, a specific number of apprenticeship hours are required. Commercial electricians install and maintain electrical systems, inspect systems for keeping up with building codes, diagnose and repair problems, and lead teams of apprentices.

Industrial Electricians

A Las Vegas data center, power plant, chemical facility, or manufacturing facility might use an industrial electrician. These electricians handle jobs with large-scale electrical needs. They use a lot of heavy machinery and deal with more power than any residential or commercial building. They must be certified with specific hours of supervised work in this area while they are either an apprentice or journeyman.

Industrial vs. Commercial Electricians in Henderson

The simplest way to know whether you need an industrial or commercial electrician is that industrial electricians deal with major electrical equipment in factories, mines, and plants. In contrast, commercial electricians specialize in offices, retail outlets, casinos, and everyday workplaces.

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Residential Electricians

Residential electricians service homes and apartments. Whether you are the homeowner or the landlord, this is the electrician for you. Call a residential electrician when you are experiencing issues such as bad outlets, light installations, AC troubles, and more.

Interior vs. Exterior Electricians

The difference between an interior and an exterior electrician is straightforward. An interior electrician deals with electrical systems inside buildings, from the internal main box to the various lines, circuits, equipment, plugs, and machinery. On the other hand, the exterior electrician deals with power lines and the feed coming into your building from external sources. If you’re building a new structure and need power run to it from the local junction, you’ll want an exterior electrician to run that power. An interior electrician will handle the job if you’re installing new circuits and lines from the building’s box throughout the structure.

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