Why You Should Never Replace an Electrical Panel Yourself

Can a homeowner replace an electrical panel? It’s possible, but never something you should attempt yourself if you don’t have professional, formal training. Replacing your home electrical panel is extremely dangerous both to your house and to you. 

Learn why you shouldn’t replace your home electrical panel and find out where you can get help in Las Vegas.

Does Your Electrical Panel Need to Be Replaced?

The first thing to know is whether or not your breaker panel or fuse box needs to be replaced. Consider the following: Is your house very old? Does it have a fuse box instead of breakers? Are you frequently noticing blown fuses, tripped breakers or overheating? Are you experiencing constant circuit failures or insufficient power? Are your appliances warm to the touch even when off, or do you get an occasional shock when you touch them? If so, it may be time for a panel replacement.

Dangers of Replacing an Electrical Panel

Trying to change out an electrical panel on your own can be highly dangerous. The process involves specialized skills and knowledge. If you’re not familiar with the local electrical codes, you may not know that you might need to add additional space for extra breakers. You may even need rewiring done to address underlying concerns.

Remember, the sheer amount of power that comes into your house can easily kill you, and it can also set your house on fire. Furthermore, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the damages that result from your attempt to perform electrical work yourself.

Cost of DIY Electrical Panel Replacement

The cost to replace your electrical panel depends heavily on the amperage you need, the age and condition of both your original panel, and the wiring to and inside your house. It’s always best to consult with a professional to find out what a replacement will cost. Many electricians will offer a detailed cost estimate so that you have no surprises when the job is done.

Electrical Panel

What Permits and Laws You Need to Know

Do you need a permit to change your electrical panel? The simple answer is yes, you do. Just about every city and state, including Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, require that you have proper permits so the city can be aware that the work is going on and to ensure you have the work done by a qualified professional.

You also need to be aware of the local, state and federal electrical codes. A qualified electrician will know the current National Electrical Code requirements for safe electrical wiring installation. The state and local governments also have their own codes in place, which you’ll need to follow.

Can a Homeowner Change an Electrical Panel? Just Call the Pros

Technically, yes —  but it’s not a great idea. It’s much better to contact the pros from Sin City Electrical. Our electricians can help you get permits in place, give you a detailed cost estimate of what you need and get the job done safely without putting you or your home at undue risk. Contact us today to learn more!

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